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Hello my name is Mr W and I first spoke to zoe in February 2021. A brief history of why:

I was a regular soldier serving in Germany. My tours of duty included the first gulf war, South Armagh northen Ireland, Belize, and Bosnia. I had picked a few problems from all of them. To put a cherry on the cake I started to feel unwell in December of 1996 while I was in Germany. I wasn't feeling any better after a few days so went to see the doctor on Christmas eve 1996. The medical centre had shut down for Christmas just leaving a skeleton staff manning the place. Things went down hill from there. Cutting a very long story but quite an interesting one short. My life changed from there. Fast forward 15 to 20 years I started to have problems with my mental health little bits of treatment here and there but nothing helped me and I still didn't really know what was wrong. An old army friend passed me information of a person at forces online where Zoe offered some of her spare time councilling while she was finishing her degree of. That day changed my life. I started talking to her once a week and I felt comfortable talking to her I felt I could show some weakness. That is very difficult for a soldier because we are taught not to show weakness. Over the following weeks, months, year. I opened up and started to talk. This lady is brilliant in my eyes. I can't say enough on how much she has helped me. 


​"Counselling with Zoe was such a positive and supportive experience for me. Zoe has a wonderfully warm and down to earth nature which made the sessions feel very easy and gentle. I felt like Zoe was so good at helping me feel understood and accepted without judgement and her whole approach was so compassionate and kind, creating a real safe and encouraging space to explore my emotions and feelings. Zoe was amazing at supporting me through some really tough times and encouraging confidence, self acceptance and kindness and that was really invaluable to me. My sessions with Zoe have definitely helped me a lot and will have a long lasting impact that I’m so grateful for."

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